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A reflection of a sunlight we will never see, someone else's sunlight, sunrise, sunset.
A reflection of another world, a ball of fire turned cold,
silver night, a magical shiver of moonshadow.
A glimmer of mystery from a mass of rock and iron and..
Iron that casts metallic orbs across our everynight, our night cloaked
in darkness, yet advertising a glimmer of hope.
A glimmer of hope of tomorrow, the sunlight a new day will bring, or perhaps the beauty of yesterday?
The remaining blanket of safety of a world full of life, light
Light who visits the others to share its glory.
Craters of depth, a glitterball
The movement of our sea, the howl of our wolf, the
cycle of our fertility.
Our watchful eye and natural satellite, she is loyal.
Waning and waxing, maiden and mother and crone
The thick of midnight and the speckle of moonlight, a reflection
in the sea, of the sun, of the soul, in the sky.
Silent power, beautiful mystery.


Stay Wild Moon Child

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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