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Winter moodboard

Hello and Welcome to Blogmas Day 1, today I'm starting of december with some winter/christmas inspirational and aesthetically satisfying pictures to get you in the mood.

Happy vibes from me to you ❤️ See more of my day on Snapchat: isabellath Walks in the woods

buildings during golden hour
Photo by Alexander Popov / Unsplash
Morning sunrise

Christmas trees!!!

person holding white ceramic mug
Photo by Brigitte Tohm / Unsplash
Warm coffee in the cold

Gift wrapping
Cosy inside looking out at the cold

woman inside road during snow
Photo by mwangi gatheca / [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/?utm_source=ghost&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ap
I love being wrapped up nice and warm while out in the cold shopping
Love wintertime, but then again I said the same for start of Spring , Summer and Autumn, so guess I ove each season for its special gifts .
This reminds me of Wandering Oaken's trading post in Frozen!
Winter inspires me. There is something innately romantic and cozy about feeling warm and secure even during some of the coldest nights, while walking through a city that is set ablaze by holiday lights. It doesn't hurt to have your hand warmed up by a familiar touch, as well.
A snowy evening

selective focus photography of bench chair
Photo by Borislav Zlatkov / Unsplash
This reminds me of evening walks in the cold

'Hygge': 9 Ways To Be More Danish #christmas-hygge #christmashygge #hygge Warm caffetiere coffee New post on calm-mysoul Coffee in the cold, this reminds me of october lake walks in the lake district Whether looking from the in or outside, fairy lights at Christmas time perfect for framing your window!

Multi colour Christmas

person holding gift box with pine cone
Photo by rawpixel / Unsplash
Pretty wrapping

bokeh photography of person holding fireworks
Photo by Wout Vanacker / Unsplash
exciting celebrations

butter cookies on plate
Photo by Monika Grabkowska / Unsplash
Fresh baking and cookies from the oven

chocolates with box on white surface
Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian / Unsplash
Christmas chocolates are yummy!!!

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