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Winter Essentials

Winter essentials
Hello and welcome to my Winter essentials blog post! I’m avoiding the usuals such as candles and blankets which I have talked about in previous blog posts like [“the little things that bring me hapiness”](https://velvetnavy.uk/2017/09/the-little-things-that-bring-me-happiness/). So here we are, I hope you enjoy.
Lip balm
- lip balm is an absolute MUST for winter. I don’t know about you but I most certainly cannot go without it! I always have a lip balm with me. My favourite is the blistex medplus+ in the little blue pot. I also use burt’s bees grapefruit, a cocoa butter also lip balm, and EOS blackberry.
- Tis the season to moisturise that skin! Hands, FACE, legs, arms and so on. The stuff needs to be lathered on in my case due to dry skin, thanks to the colder weather. Some of my faves are the body shop shimmer lotions, soap and glory butter me up, and body shop body butters. The festive smelling ones like frosted cranberry, spiced apple and frosted plum are obviously the best and yummiest smelling for winter!
Hot drinks
- Oooh yum! Who doesn’t love a hot drink? They are a definite must for me through winter. We have a couple of coffee machines in the house and I just can’t resist making a lovely mug of milky coffee and occasionally adding syrups. I do however also like the variation of stronger, darker coffee as well as the sweeter, lighter indulgences. Hot chocolate is also a big hit for me at this time of year
- Wrapping up warm is one of my favourite things about winter, I adore winter clothing and scarves are a lovely addition to my coziness. I have a few gorgeous scarves from various places but I have to say, one of my favourites is still my super dry snood that I got many Christmases ago from my brother Jamie, he has a very useful blog called [Blogwin](https://jamiegoodwin.uk/) full of post about techy things, blogging, websites and much more!
Beanies/bobble hats
- For those who know me, it is no surprise to hear that I LOVE beanies, especially the ones with big furry bobbles on top! I have gathered a rather exciting collection of beanies over my years of love for them and I get so happy when I can finally wear them when the weather turns cold!
Fluffy socks
- If you don’t have or wear fluffy socks in winter, I fear for your little toesies. No matter how silly I look, I am a firm believer that wearing big fluffy socks pulled over comfy leggings or trousers on a cosy day, is a rule that must be followed in winter.
Christmas media
- Of course you will know from my blog post a while ago that I take joy in revelling in the wonder of Christmas media. By this I mean music, books, films, tv, adverts and many more. It brings an extra spark of excitement to my already ecstatic self. Check out my blog post on it for a deeper look into what I’m on about.
- Big, comfy, fashionable and winter friendly shoes. What more could you ask for? I don’t own many boots, however, my absolute favourite pair are my Reiker boots that I received for my birthday last year, they are a blue toned grey leather with a woollen, colourful top and are my pride and joy of winter shoes. They really tie off a winter outfit.
Leggings and tights
- Toasty legs are an important consideration during colder months. Therefore leggings and tights become my friends when it’s chilly. Either paired with skirts and dresses, or if it’s extra cold, doubled up or underneath trousers and jeans!
Christmas jumpers
- It’s no secret that jumpers are my most favouritest ever ever item of clothing and Christmas is my most favouritest ever ever celebration. So, if we do the maths correctly, that means that Christmas jumpers… are AMAZING. Now, it may seem strange that for someone who loves them so much, I only have two! The reason for that is, my jumper collection is spilling over and Mum steers me clear of any Christmas jumper display as soon as she sees my eyes oggle at them. However, I’m thinking that I’m soon due another one, what do you think?
- Wrap me up warm in a big chunky cardigan and I’m happy. Cardigans are so snuggly and perfect for when you want to show off an outfit while keeping warm and fuzzy. Mmmm cardigans!
Well, that’s it for my winter essentials list, I hope you enjoyed and let me know if any of these would be on your list and suggest anything else that you would add to the list! Follow me on my social medias and leave comments, I love to hear from you.
Siana xxx
Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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