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Why lists are the best thing ever

I don't know if you've guessed already, but I really like love lists. They are just so fabulous. So today I will be going through the different types of lists, what you can use lists for, and pro listing (since I am clearly a pro lister (just kidding)).

Now, funnily enough, i'm going to write a list of the 4 different types of lists that I use the most, and how you can use them! I will even show you how some of them can be improved.

  • The brain dump
    The brain dump is such an essential list for me, it's the list that happens when everything is getting on top of you and you just need to write it all down. It's usually a jumble until you organize it and that's okay.
  • The plan
    The plan is the list that forms when you are planning ahead and want a set schedule of things over several days or during an event. It's like a to-do list yet more structured.
  • The to-do list
    The to-do list is the most popular list and is really useful for schoolwork, jobs needed to be completed, or anything else that you need to do.
  • The goals
    The goals list is usually a list you make to better your life, they often are made in the new year when people have goals for the year or when someone grows a year older and wants to accomplish something. It could even be a bucket list.

So, now that you've seen each list, here are some ways to improve them:

  1. Categorize your lists
    This works well for any list. Find categories for each list to make it look more appealing and easier to understand.
    For example, categorize a to-do list into things like: cleaning; school; down time; etc.
    Or organize "the plan" into Days, hours, chunks of time. One that I always use for the brain dump which I think I spoke about in my "dealing with stress post" is categorizing all of the things bothering me into two separate columns:
    "Things I can do something about" and "Things I can't change". This makes it so much easier to visualize the things that you really shouldn't be worrying about because you can't change them, compared to the things that you can action.
    I have to give credit to my dad for this technique since he crated this little motto to help me stop worrying about the things that I have no control over.

What do you do when you can't control something?
Forget about it

  1. Add tick boxes
    Ticking things off is an action that you wouldn't think makes a big difference. Well let me tell you, IT DOES!!! When you tick something off it makes the rest of your list look so much easier to handle because you now have less to do, it seems less daunting, you can narrow your focus onto other things and you feel a sense of accomplishment which is always a lovely feeling!
    I never write a list nowadays without tick boxes or just ticking things off.

  2. Highlight which things need to be done first
    This works especially well with the to-do list, I have an easter revision list which is an absolute mess (you might have seen it on my instagram story).
    But I help myself enormously by highlighting in yellow all of the necessary things that I want to get done by easter!
    You could do this with an actual highlighter, or an emoji, or a star depending on which format your list is in.

Anyway, that's it for today's listing blog post, I hope you enjoyed and didn't think I was too crazy. But seriously, everyone needs more lists in their life.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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