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What I got for Christmas 2017

Hello and Welcome to What I got for Christmas 2017!

Now before we get into  anything I would like to throw in a DISCLAIMER. I am doing this blog post because I enjoy reading or listening to what other people got for Christmas and how they enjoy it and I also love sharing about the things that I received and what i’m going to use it for. I am in no way whatsoever trying to brag about my presents! I am completely aware that some people don’t like these kind of posts because it can seem as though people are boasting and showing off, however this is not at all my intention! So if you don’t enjoy these posts, don’t worry, join me next sunday for a different post.

With all that in mind, let’s continue with the blog post.

Main present from my parents

Every year, me and my brother get one main present from my parents. It has evolved from baby born and baby Annabell dolls, to speakers and new technology. However, last year they came up with the brilliant idea of just giving us each some money and then going for a shopping trip after Christmas when all the sales are on. I’m doing the same thing this year!

Presents from Santa

  • Morphe eyeshadow palette

I am sooo excited about this one and it has to be up there with one of my favourites. Be prepared to see many makeup looks on my instagram with this new, beautiful eyeshadow palette

  • acrylic paints and brushes

As you may know, I love art and always have (I’m actually hoping to take it for A-Level) so extra art supplies are always very much appreciated!

  • Burgundy hollister top

I love hollister and this top is just so gorgeous! It is slightly like a baseball style top with white stripes and writing around the arms.

  • Polar bear pyjamas

I desperately needed new pyjamas and I was so happily gran ted with exactly that! These consist of soft, grey bottoms with white polar bears all over them and a white, very fluffy sweat top with a grey sequin polar bear on it (it’s one of those where you can move the sequins around which is very entertaining)

  • Fox pyjamas

Once again, more pyjamas. Oh my goodness I have never seen pyjamas quite like these and I can easily say that I am well and truly in love with them! In case you don’t know by now, I adore foxes and have so many fox themed things so these are just pure beauty.

  • Starbucks travel mug that says “Siana’s coffee”

I found this so cool and used it straight away when I received it. I love starbucks, mugs, and personalised things so this ticked every box.

  • Gymshark workout leggings

Eeeeee I am sooo happy with these! I’m a fairly active person and go to the gym pretty much every week and i’m currently feeling as though i’d like to go more often (let’s see how long that lasts). I’ve been wanting some new gym clothes for a while now and secretly eyeing up Gymshark but never thought i’d be someone to own anything from them. Yet here I am and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  • Laura Ashley amber reed diffuser

As soon as I opened this I thought “autumn in a reed diffuser, perfect”, and that’s a pretty excellent description of this! It is literally a perfect reed diffuser full of Autumn.

  • Victoria’s Secret panties

I was contemplating talking about these but I can’t resist. I am quite the fan of Victoria’s Secret and these panties are adorable! (one pair had donuts on them).

  • Purple pyjama bottoms

I received some lovely tartan purple and muted aqua pyjama bottoms from Rupert and Buckley. They look so authentic and cosy!

  • Trainers

Just to top off the new sports look, I received some new trainers! They are purple and black and incredibly comfy. I am so excited to go to the gym in my new training clothes.

  • Alarm clock

I have wanted an alarm clock for ages now and this one just ticked every box! It’s one of those that slowly lights up to imitate sunlight when waking you up. You can also choose from several relaxing wake up sounds to start you out in a good and calm mood. In case that wasn’t enough, it also has a built in radio and many more brilliant settings.

I also got a few stocking fillers and other bits and bobs like socks, some cool clip-on camera lenses for my phone and many fox related things.

Presents from friends and family

  • Rose and Rosie backpack

Those of you who know me well, know that I am in love with Rose and Rosie and have been for about 2-3 years and I’ve wanted this backpack ever since it came out. It’s black with a little rainbow embroidery that says “Rose and Rosie” in tiny writing above it. My brother Lewis gave me this and I am so thankful!

  • Psychology book

I am hoping to take psychology for A-Levels next year and I am so interested in it! I talk with my (almost) sister in law Kristina about a lot of things including psychology and A-Levels and she obviously clocked onto that resulting in this fabulous book from her and my brother Jamie.

  • Makeup brush washing pad

Another cool thing that me and Kristina have talked about (we talk A LOT) are these makeup brush washing pads which are so useful and that i’ve wanted for a while so these also showed up in my present from Jamie and Kristina and it has actually made me look forward to washing my brushes (I never thought i’d say that)

  • Micron pens

Jamie and Kristina have done it again! Another fabulous present to help with my arty side. I have been wanting micron pens ever since I first saw someone on youtube use them and finally they are within my grasp! Yippeeee.

  • Hollister crop top

My gorgeous little brother Jorin was so excited to give me the present he had bought for me and I absolutely see why! He gave me a luuuush Hollister top which is navy blue, cropped, has a hood and has a circle of writing saying “Hollister California” on the front. Amazing!!! He also gave me a very cute and useful fox notebook.

  • ‘Great balls of bicarb’ lush products tube

My auntie, uncle and cousin gave me this massive tube consisting of five of the best lush bath bombs. I cannot wait to use them!

  • Pandora gift card

My grandparents surprised me with the joy of a pandora gift card! What a win. I now have the task of choosing one of the gorgeous items of jewelry which is exciting ad amazing yet so difficult!

  • Snow’ella body mist

They also got me the Snow’ella body mist which I have been eyeing up since it came out and absolutely love!

  • A tumbler cup full of sanctuary spa items

My friend Caitlin got me a cup with a straw full of body things and I can safely say that the cup has come in very handy with helping me drink more water. Me and my other friends didn’t bother with presents this year but Caitlin wanted to keep it going so we all exchanged them with her.

  • A little book about friends

Caitlin also got me a little book about friends which is so cute!

  • Elf nightie

My friend Becky did good and got me an outrageous yet absolutely brilliant Elf nightie which you can find a picture of on my instagram.

  • Fox toy

Finally, my boyfriend got me the cutest little fox toy that’s so fluffy and adorable! He knows me well.

I am SO incredibly grateful for absolutely everything I received and can’t put into words how thankful and happy I am with it all. I hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed your day. Here’s a question for you.. Do you prefer surprises as gifts or knowing what you’re going to get? I prefer surprises.

Thank you for reading, Merry Christmas, lots of love..

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

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