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The perfect summer

don’t stress yourself over having a perfect summer but do make sure you enjoy it! take as many opportunities as you can to have fun time and make good memories. here are a few things i did in the summer holidays:

  • first of all i went to turkey with my family which was an incredible experience (obviously you don’t have to go anywhere to have a good time) it was especially good because we very rarely go abroad so it was a real treat for us to have that opportunity! while in turkey we did thing such as a jeep safari, water fights, pool time, a boat trip, played pool, went out for turkish meals, experienced the culture, went water rafting, went to the beach and had chilled nights by the bar. i will insert some pictures to show some of the great moments…

  • i have now officially completed my art homework which makes me feel so much better because now i can enjoy the rest of my holiday without having to think about schoolwork until i start school again. however i do try to keep up with revising french so i don’t forget any of it over the summer. i still like to do little productive things so that i don’t feel like i’m being too lazy, i will do things like read (i read a great book called ‘we were liars’ and also zoe sugg’s second book called ‘girl online on tour’), do art or make decorations for my room, sing, write blog posts and poems and short stories etc.

  • my mum took me and my brother to london to see a west end show of the bodyguard with beverly night playing Rachel Marron. it was so amazing and such a great experience for me especially as i am very interested in acting and would like it as a career. obviously you don’t have to splash out on expenses like that but the moral of the story is to treat yourself once in a while and have some fun!

  • i am catching up on films and TV series! for example, i am binge watching modern family and intend to do the same with sherlock when thats done, i had a harry potter movie marathon with my brother and we’ve now watched all of them. i have also watched plenty of great films like pan, spy, the visit and many more.

  • i have plans to see more family soon like my older brother and his girlfriend so we will do some fun things with them. we are also going to see my grandparents for a week to catch up and have a good time together.

i will insert pictures to this post when my computer decides to cooperate with me. the next blog post could be an autumn room tour and decoration ideas as soon as i learn how to use my mum’s big camera since i want to get into photography more. thanks for reading and enjoy your perfect summer – if youre working then take some time with friends in the evenings or see a show, do some art in the evening or catch up on a good film with some popcorn and wine. goodbye for now… siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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