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The little things that bring me happiness

Hello again! Since i was MIA for quite a while between my previous post and the one before that, i though i’d do another post now to make up for it. So i am making a list of all the things that are making me happy right now, it’s a little bit like the ‘my favourites recently’ post but it could include a much wider range of things that i want to share and recommend, especially tailored to this time of year. (i’m sure some autumn things will pop up somewhere). Anyway, i hope you enjoy, be sure to leave a comment and go and follow my instagram account @velvetnavy to see my photographs, some artwork and even a little bit of singing.

  • music

I have been LOVING listening to my music recently, i have found some great songs and made (what i think are) the best playlists! Some artists i love are Lorde, Jack Savoretti, Oh wonder, Adele, Sam smith, Ed Sheeran, Bea Miller and Hozier etc.

I have recently been obsessed with the musical Hamilton and have listened to it non-stop! I have also been jamming out to my ‘autumn’ playlist which i have played over 3 or so autumns which just makes it feel like home to me, i add to it every year. generally having a boogie to some good tunes really brightens any day. You can find my spotify playlists and people i follow by searching for me @sianajade or by clicking on this link:  

  • autumn decorations

As you may know, i love altering my surroundings to suit the seasons and it just so happens that my favourite season has rolled around once again and i can already feel the leaves getting ready to fall around me. I have covered my bedroom with autumnal decorations which makes me automatically feel so much happier! It motivates me so much more to get up in the morning and use my space to do productive things, it also means i often keep my bedroom tidier. I find that making my bedroom feel cosy and pretty encourages me to be less lazy and want to do autumnal things.

  • cosiness

I have been really enjoying snuggling up in my comfy clothes or pyjamas and fluffy socks with a hot drink and my homework or youtube. since it has gotten a little colder i have been wrapped in blankets like a burrito and been loving it! it is so relaxing and comforting.

  • candles

as i have mentioned, i am delighted that autumn is finally rolling around once again which, of course, means that all of my festive candles start to make an appearance. my favourite staple autumn scent is icicles by yankee candle which i have burned through about three or four autumns and winters which makes it so nostalgic for me!

  • little pampering things

recently, i’ve been taking a little more care in my routines which has really made me a little happier since i have noticed a difference in myself. i have been lathering my body shop frosted plum and spiced apple shimmer lotion on my arms and legs after a shower. just before i go to sleep, i apply some of my favourite ‘sleepy’ body lotion by lush onto my wrists, hands, feet and neck which leaves me with a lovely lavender scent to help me sleep and leave me feeling silky smooth! i also like to take more care with my face washing by using my origins gin zing exfoliating face wash and zero oil toner. sometimes i have to have a good ole pamper night and have used a body mask and my origins clear improvement face mask.

  • my food concoctions

as you may know from my recent blog post, i take great joy in adding my own twists to food or trying out something i’ve seen on pinterest. for example, yesterday morning i tried cutting a hole in a slice of bread, throwing it in a pan and cracking an egg into it then letting it spread under the bread a bit. i then sprinkled a little cheese over it and it was delicious! there’s no doubt i’ll be having that again. i have just made my first batch of pumpkin spice cupcakes of the season which are sooo incredibly delicious! you can find pictures on my @velvetnavy instagram account and a recipe on my food book blog post.

  • lists

lists have been extremely helpful for me and i have especially been loving them to keep on top of work this coming school year. i use an academic planner to plan my weeks and it has a very useful reminders box in which i write my to do lists. i also keep to do lists on my notes in my phone which i tick off when completed.

  • scrapbook

To be quite honest, i haven’t recently kept up to date with my scrapbook so i need to do that soon. however it is such a lovely memoir of all of the fun times happening in my life and i can imagine it will be brilliant to look back upon in a few years! i am hoping to possibly receive an hp sprocket for my birthday or christmas which should make the printing of photos a lot more quick and easy!

  • pinterest

pinterest has been my go to app for quite a while now and is especially one of my faves around this season! it is so helpful for inspiration of any kind and is sooo aesthetically pleasing. i find myself spending raher large amounts of time on pinterest and sometimes have to restrict myself a little. you can find my boards and profile by searching for siana2001

  • foxes

as you may know by now, i am obsessed with foxes!!! i have fox themed: slippers, calendar, colouring book, sock collection, posters, teddy, decoration, jumper, and even a scarf! the collection of fox things just goes on and there are too many to count. but the point is, foxes are so cute and bring me a lot of joy because of that, especially this time of year.

  • fairy lights

i do always have fairy lights up anyway but from now until after christmas, i feel as though it’s a little more accepted to amp up the fairy light usage. i have decked my room with pumpkin, ghost, heart, and normal fairy lights and i love having them on in the evenings since it makes everything seem so much cosier. it adds a little glimmer to my life.

As always, i hope you have enjoyed this blog post if you got to the bottom. i will hopefully have another one up soon to do with the autumn season although i cannot promise anything since i have a busy schedule at the moment. i hope you are loving the gradual build up to autumn as much as me (which is probably impossible) and i wish you happiness even if it comes in small doses which little things like this.

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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