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The joy of Summer

Hello and welcome to another blog post, all about the joy of summer. I did a similar blog post recently called "Spring Excitement" Which was obviously catered around the season of Spring. In this blog post I will be going through some joyful things to look forward to in summer and I'll include a summer mood board towards the end.

So to begin with, here are a few things I have done and will be doing throughout my long summer holidays:

  1. NCS
    I have already done a blog post all about the first week of NCS as you may know and it is now over! I spent 4 weeks of my summer on this adventure and I might even be doing another blog post about it to give you a run-down of the pros and cons in order for those who haven't been, to understand it a little better.
  2. Bristol pride
    As you may know I went to bristol pride with some friends recently and it was absolutely brilliant! There was so much fun, love, glitter and colour all around us and I definitely recommend this experience to everyone!
  3. Seeing friends
    I have already had a few meet-ups with friends and there are definitely more to come. This is my chance to see them as much as I can!
  4. Summer homework
    Although summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing, I do have to complete some summer homework to prepare me for my new A-Levels next year and what they entail.
  5. Beach days
    I will be having a beach day with some friends very soon and I'm sure there will be plenty more while I'm in turkey or at my caravan. You can't go through the summer holidays without having a beach day!
  6. Camping trip with friends
    We did this last year and I just can't wait to do it again this year! I have a caravan in Dorset and I'm taking my friends down there with me so we can camp out together while my family stay in the caravan. It's going to be brilliant.
  7. Scrapbooking
    I must admit I have been terrible at keeping up with my scrapbook recently as I have just been non-stop busy from before GCSEs all the way through the summer holidays. However I aim to seriously catch up with all of the memories and stick them in there to remember. Would you like a blog post on scrapbooking? If so give this post a like and I might do one.
  8. Visiting Grandparents
    We usually make an effort to see my Grandparents fairly frequently, despite the 5/6 hour distance barrier. This time it's our turn to go and visit them, which probably means Grandma will make some sort of scrummy cake or flapjack!
  9. Going to Turkey!
    This for me is the ultimate section of my holidays, and it's right at the end which is a brilliant grand finale! I just can't wait to get away and relax by the pool, get out and see the culture, and eat some glorious food! Would you like to see some blog posts about my Turkey holiday?

Before we get into the mood board, I'm compiling a short list of joyful things that really make it feel like summer!

  • Flowers
  • Sunshine
  • Colourful clothes
  • Sweet smells
  • Big floppy hats
  • Long days and warm nights
  • Beautiful late sunsets
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cocktails

Now... here is a stunning collection of aesthetically pleasing summery things, from clothing to sceneries and flowers. Enjoy!

Photo by Conner Murphy / Unsplash

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Photo by Yuri Catalano / Unsplash

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