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Staying warm in winter

Hello and welcome to a COLLAB for day 5! Today I have partnered up with gracedoesblogs who has a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing blog, which she recently updated, with quality, beautiful posts and some lovely photography!
So if you haven't already, go and check her out!


Today I will be going through 5 tips to help you stay warm in winter (which is especially helpful for after school when you stumble in after a chilly walk home), and 3 warm drink ideas to keep you oh so cosy! I can't wait for you to read Grace's post, so here's mine to get you in the mood...

  1. Handwarmers
    Get yourself some reusable handwarmers and wrap them in cosy socks or even your gloves, this traps in that ever-escaping heat whilst giving you a soft and fluffy feeling for your little hands!

  2. Hot water bottle
    To prepare yourself for a comfy, cosy and deep sleep, pre-warm your bed by filling a hot water. bottle with boiling water and let sit while you perform your night routine. This way you can guve it a warm cuddle when you get tucked up into bed.

  3. Invest in a cosy scarf or bobble hat
    Wearing a scarf/Bobble hat and keeping your neck/head toasty is one of the most efficient ways to warm yourself up when out in the cold, bobble hats and cosy scarves are also a subtle but lovely way to spice up your winter outfit.
    woman watching body of water during daytime
    Photo by Liam Simpson / Unsplash

  4. Heat up your cosy socks
    If you're having a shower, bath, or are busy doing something before you're ready to get cosy, put your fluffy socks or slippers on the radiator or by a heater to make them extra toasty before you put them on. This is also a cool trick to use on gloves, hats, coats or clothes

  5. Have a million baths
    Winter is the perfect time to soak in a warm and wonderful bath full of silky smooth bath cremes and fizzy bombs. Not only does this warm you up in the evening, but it also graces your skin with sweet smelling moisture throughout these colder months.
    woman in white bathtub holding clear drinking glass
    Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) / Unsplash

Warm drinks

  1. Gingerbread latte
    The spicy, scrumpcious warming latte with a beautiful frothy milk to top it off.
    gingerbread man lot
    Photo by Mark Mühlberger / Unsplash
  2. The ultimate hot chocolate
    The sugar rush queen of rich chcolate taste and sweet sugary marshmallows to make you lick your lips for days.
    chocolate pouring on vanilla ice cream in ceramic cup
    Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian / Unsplash
  3. Salted caramel latte
    That sweet, salt contrast with a crisp caramel flavour to give your taste buds a swim through the indulgent notes.
    two white ceramic mug with chocolate truffles
    Photo by Hannah Pemberton / Unsplash

I will be doing recipes for these three drinks in tomorrow's blog post so stay tuned for those if you want some yummy treats to keep you warm in winter!!!
I hope you enjoyed this post and will be here tomorrow for day 6.

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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