Spring excitement

Hello and welcome to a new blog post!
Yay, I am finally posting a little more frequently again! Today's blog post is "spring excitement", you might be wondering what that actually entails.. well, i'll tell you.
I'll be going through my thoughts about spring, all of the exciting spring related things, and i'll be inserting a spring mood board at the end of some of my favourite spring pictures and bits and bobs.

So, I actually have never really liked spring as much as I do now, in fact I used to actually really dislike it, but something changed recently. I don't know if it's because I enjoy looking forward to summer or because we've had such long, rainy, miserable and cold winter spells, but i'm quite excited about spring. Currently, we're still in the rainy and cold area since I live in the South West of England but that doesn't stop my hope for sunny spring days.

Last year I had a couple of lovely Spring/Summer days out with my friends just walking around nature parks or going out for walks together and enjoying the outdoors and i'd really love to do more of that this year!
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Anyway i'm now going to give you a list (in typical velvetnavy fashion) of all of the exciting things about spring.

  • Easter eggs! - Don't we all love easter eggs? This year I got one of those with the honeycomb and fudge stuck in the front of it which is so delicious! It's good to treat yourself through Easter.
  • Flowers - flowers are so pretty when they begin to come out and look all colourful and lovely! I can't wait to take more flower pictures, you might be seeing a few on my instagram @velvetnavy when the weather perks up a little
  • Pastel colours - I absolutely love the pastel colours around this time! Whether that's on clothes, drinks, food, decorations or whatever. They are just so pretty.
  • Fashion - I suppose in most places, this is when you'd begin to bring out the summer clothes and ditch the coats. However I live in England, which means... rain. Although, this doesn't stop me from making fashion pinboards of beautiful spring and summer clothing! I will insert a few pictures on m moodboard below.
  • Cute baby animals - I know we don't see many cute baby animals just popping about here and there in daily life but if I occasionally see a sweet little chick or bunny picture I cannot deny that it is oh so cute.
  • Spring cleaning - I love that fresh feeling that comes with spring, clearing thinsg out and letting the light in to a tiday place in the morning is just lovely.
  • Excitement for summer - For me this has to be the best part about spring, with spring comes summer and with summer comes: better weather, time off, fun days out, summer fashion, holidays and then autumn eventually. What more could you want?


A person's cusped hands holding a bunch of cherry blossom flowers
Photo by Chungkuk Bae / Unsplash

♡ @rachelwigginss ♡ Summer Style | Red & white stripe shirt & Levi jeans | @styleminimalism ♡ pinterest // sadwhore ♡ In an Ice Lolly Mold, put in lemonade and edible flowers (Rose petals, violets, lilacs, lavender, etc.) Freeze and you are done! Lemon Edible Flower Ice Lollies Strawberry gin smash. Includes recipe for a glass or a pitcher. And can be made ahead.

Photo by Kelly Neil / Unsplash

It's Easter this weekend and we've found the best festive nail art for the occasion. Get Inspired By This Board! http://vintageindustrialstyle.com vintageindustrialstyle vintagedesign industrialhome

For more springspiration, visit my spring related pinterest boards which you can find here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/siana2001/

I hope you had a fabulous Easter and spring break, enjoy the rest of it while it lasts.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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