Quarantine checklist- A list of things to do during lockdown

Quarantine checklist- A list of things to do during lockdown

Hello and welcome back to another post full of ideas of things to do when you're bored. Except, this one is a little more important, since we are currently at the heart of a Global Pandemic, and everyone is stuck inside until the storm calms :/

Fear not, there is plenty to do from the comfort of your own home to distract you from your inevitable boredom (I know you're all bored because it's all I've seen on twitter)

So, here is just a little list of ideas that I came up with, that I personally want to complete during lockdown. I have taken the view that this isn't a completely negative time, it's actually a great opportunity to work on myself, improve self love, reach a few goals, and try some things I've always wanted to try. But obviously, there is no shame in spending days in bed or in your pajamas, watching your favourite TV shows, drinking wine and eating chocolate.

  • Look after yourself
    Personally I am aiming to keep myself and my body in good health and a happy condition. By this I mean I am practicing frequent skincare, face masks, hair care, a little exercise, drinking lots of water, and a little yoga or meditation

  • Learn a new language
    I always loved GCSE French and decided that I would try to practice a few of the key words in order to get myself back into it. You don't have to take it seriously, it can just be learning a few words in a certain language for a bit of fun

  • Complete some art
    Even if you aren't naturally a creative person, creating and arting is very theraputic and can really help to keep you calm and focus. You may also be surprised at what you create. There are many adult colouring books full of beautiful drawings to colour in, I especially love Johanna Basford's collection

  • Finish 2-4 books
    Reading is something that some of us may love but just never nave time to sit down and focus on. Now is your chance to really get stuck into those books you've wanted to read for some time now! Personally so far I have read "This is going to hurt" by Adam Kay, "The girl before" by JP Delaney and I am currently reading "Two can keep a secret" by Karen McManus.

  • Watch 3 new TV shows
    This is a chance to binge out on all of those TV shows your friends have raved about. Personally, I have been watching New Amsterdam, The Office, and Killing Eve season 3.

  • Pick an area of your body to focus on
    Sometimes it can be hard to see everyone on social media working on their bodies and becoming the most beautifully toned people you ever did see, and then try to tackle your own physique all at once with strict dieting and insane exercise. If there's one specific thing you really want to focus on, hone in on that and make it your project. For example, Chloe Ting's Ab workout is all the rage at the moment.
    This doesn't just go for physique, it can be applied to improving your skincare regime, or taking better care of your hair

  • Bake 3 new recipes
    I have been saving many baking recipes on Pinterest which you can find here. A load of them are very different to my usual bakes and I have been trying to branch out with what I am baking.

  • Save money
    Now is a great time to store away the extra money you will have from not having to pay for petrol, going out, transport or other leisure activities. Instead of blowing it on a load of new clothes you won't be able to wear for a while, save the extra that you wouldn't usually have, this way you may be able to have more of a celebration after lockdown, or even a holiday.

  • Listen to 3 new artists
    I have a habit of adding one or two songs from many different artists into one big playlist. And of course, I end up loving most of the songs from the artists I've saved, but sometimes I don't get round to listening to their whole album in depth. I've challenged myself to listen to an album of a few different artists that I know I like, but haven't delved into fully. The artists that I chose were: J Cole, Kali Uchis, Summer Walker, H.E.R and 6lack.

  • Make 2 new mood-related playlists
    I have been loving my Spotify recently, you can find it here. I have been creating new playlists which suit a certain mood, as I am a very sensual person who feels certain ways and channels certain moods based on music, colour, imagery and words. Because of my creative nature, I feel very deeply and a simple aesthetic or sound can really impact my mood. Therefore I have created new playlists such as 'coffee and sunshine' and 'bippity boppity bangers' to boost myself into certain moods.

  • Turn something you really enjoy doing into a bigger part of your day
    This is something I have revelled in recently, because I ave more time to make the most of the smaller moments that I usually enjoy. For example, one of my favourite things to do is make a coffee, put a Stroopwafel on top of the coffee to let it soften, and then sit down with my iPad open on Pinterest. I spend some quality time enjoying one of my favourote moments, savouring the coffee and pinning some beautiful pictures

  • Create 3 new recipes
    I have been whipping up allsorts of random new recipes that have luckily all turned out to taste pretty good. Now is a chance to just experiment and have a go at trying new things, or if you don't want to do that, enjoy making some old classic faves.