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My top 11 films

Hello and welcome to another blog post! I’m sorry for the lack of one last Sunday but I’m back again this week so no worries.

This week I’m going to be doing a list of my favourite films, which quite frankly (in my situation at least) is just what I need right now after constant revision and mocks.

So here they are:

  • Les Miserables

This is obviously my number one favourite film as it is just pure excellence. If you have never heard of Les Mis or never watched it, it’s basically a musical encasing the troubles and history, justice and religion of France. It is heart wrenching, empowering, brilliant and tear jerking. It is so worth a watch just for the culture even if you aren’t incredibly interested in musicals.

  • Love actually

Love actually is definitely one of my all time faves and has been for many years, I just absolutely love it. It follows the love stories of several different people and pieces all of the stories together. There is comedy, romance, tragedy, it is just so funny and a great watch with the family, especially at christmas.

  • Notting hill

This is another of those fab romcoms, it is the story of a young man who works in a bookshop and is one day visited by one of the most famous actresses, they somehow keep bumping into each other and become more understanding of each other’s worlds.

  • Pulp fiction

Tarantino is an acquired taste but I have to say that this is so worth a watch! The dialogue is hilarious and it’s another of those with little clips here and there which finally become pieced together. It is a movie of crime, drugs, hitmen, and the ultimate boss Marsellus Wallace.

  • Bridget Jones series

I grew up watching Bridget Jones and found my self cringing inside and out every time I did so. This is the story of a 32 year old spinster who decides in the new year to change her life for the better, she attempts to quit smoking, cut down on alcohol, discard the crush on her boss and find the perfect boyfriend. It is hilariously cringe worthy.

  • Tinker bell

I cannot make this list without including Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have always been my favourite characters and disney films, I have the whole Tinkerbell box set and still watch them fairly frequently. I must have watched each film about 10 times over.

  • Silence of the lambs

This film is not for the faint hearted, it is an absolutely brilliant film following Clarice Starling’s (a top FBI trainee) visit to see Dr. Hannibal Lecter (behind bars), a Psychiatrist, cannibal, murderer and dangerous psychopath. It is spine chillingly incredible.

  • Pride and prejudice

Now this varies quite significantly from many of the other films on this list but it is just absolutely amazing. Yes, I have also watched the TV series which is also incredible but since this is a films list I will just say that this is a must watch for anyone and everyone! It is exactly what it says on the tin, a story of love, pride and prejudice in 1797.

  • Young Victoria

This is another of those classic films, it is the story of Queen Victoria in her younger years and how she was looked down upon by her family for her young age when becoming a monarch, you watch her develop incredibly and grasp her self confidence and power. It is just brilliant.

  • Se7en

Well this is once again quite the contrast, se7en is an amazing film about a case of murders performed by a psychopathic serial killer, they are based upon the seven deadly sins. It is jaw dropping and thought provoking, blooming great though.

  • Gone girl

Finally, Gone girl. Before anyone asks, I have not read the book. oh noo what a sinner how can you watch it without reading the book?. I’m so terribly sorry (not really because) this film is insane. It is confusing and amazing but horrible and weird. That’s about all I have to say on this one. Just watch it!

So, that’s it for my film list for now, I was strict and only added my absolute favourites! I hope you enjoyed, as usual my social media links are the little buttons with each symbol of them. Check them out!

Lots of love,

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

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