My GCSE results

As you may know I recently received my dreaded GCSE results and I have been inspired by lovesoph 's blog post to bravely talk about them.

I actually didn't have the expected experience when finding out about my results since I am abroad on holiday in Turkey, meaning I clearly couldn't have gone to school to pick them up myself. Therefore I had someone pick them up for me and ring me to tell me what I got.

So, i'll get onto what you've all come here to see (my grades) and discuss my feelings about each one.

  • Combined science Higher tier: 6/6
    I can happily say that I am chuffed with this result! I am the world's worst scientist and in my early years of school (yrs 7-10), I did not listen in the slightest. So in year 11 I pumped out the revision and really tried my hardest, which really paid off for the girl who asked to have a go at the higher tier, after being put in foundation!
  • English Literature: 5
    This is the grade I am most disappointed in and slightly embarassed about, and to be honest it really got me down later on in the day. I was predicted at least a 6/7 and hoped to at least get a 6, I must admit that the exams didn't quite go my way which caused my downfall. However, I can't let this affect me negatively since I will never be doing it again!
  • English Language: 9
    As you may realise, I am much better at Lang than Lit! I was very happy with this result and kind of expected a 7 or above so i'm very pleased.
  • Maths: 6
    YAY! Those three years of tutoring finally paid off!!! Maths was a subject I had a hard time with, and often in lessons I struggled with paying attention, understanding it, and I was always way too scared to ask for help. So to come out with a solid B has made me a very happy bunny.
  • Further Maths: C
    And just to top it all off, I PASSED FURTHER MATHS!!! The first time I took a further maths mock, I was close to tears and in disbelief that I would ever get a pass, so this has just made me so happy that I went through all of that tutoring and gave it a good go.
  • French: 7
    I am very pleased with this grade, I was quite worried about French since my mock results made my target drop by a whole grade and I dipped in performance just before GCSEs, the exams were also not very kind which had me expecting a 6, but this 7 definitely put that smile back on my face.
  • Art: 9
    As you may know, I am going to do Art at A-Level so this gives me great confidence for that and a lot of excitement! I'm very happy with this one :)
  • Music: 7
    Phew! Some people may know me as being able to sing, so the practical part of music was all good for me, however I have never been top banana when it comes to theory and composition so to receive a balanced 7 is a nice feeling.
  • Drama: 8
    Oh my goodness!!!!! I was ecstatic about my drama grade since the theory exam was one of my least favourite! Despite my love for practical, I have never been good at drama theory and I panicked and struggled my way through many large questions with what little time I had left in the exam. So to receieve an 8 for the whole drama module has made me very proud!
  • Religious Studies: 4
    HAHA! Oh my goodness I can't believe I passed RE! This was that one exam (that we were forced to do as a half GCSE) where I just talked crap throughout the paper and giggled at my own answers. I was honestly expecting a 2 (which I equally would have been okay with) so this was an unusual surprise.

Overall I am very happy with how I did and quite proud of myself for putting in the effort for it to pay off.
But to anyone who doesn't feel this way, it is not the end of the world. So many people will say that to you, but seriously, you tried, you did what you could and that's the important thing! So many things could have affected your grades and maybe the day of that exam just wasn't your day. Numbers don't define you. I know that I can do better than a 5 in English Lit, I've done it before and I could probably do it again. But I messed up on the exam, and I have to look on the bright side at my other acheivements. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting theough all of those horrible exams!

I'd also just like to say that I am so proud of my friends! You guys smashed it out of the park and I knew you would! Have faith in yourselves next time because you are brilliant!

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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