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My favourites recently

Hello, this time i have decided to do my recent favourites, be sure to look around velvetnavy after reading this and take a look at my snapshots and social media sites which can be found on my about page. Anyway, enjoy:

  • Face masks

It’s been so nice recently to just lay back and use my face masks to hydrate my skin and pamper myself especially through times of bad break-outs which unfortunately i’ve been having a lot recently. My favourite face masks are the origins masks, i particularly love ‘out of trouble’.

  • Books

I have recently been reading so much more especially during this holiday and have gotten through two and a half books in the space of a week! I particularly love: The “Girl online” trilogy by Zoe Sugg which i have completed over the space of time they have been released although i recently finished “going solo” ; “All the bright places” by Jennifer Niven which was beautifully written ; and i’m currently reading unbroken by madeleine black which is empowering and amazing! Some older faves are “we were liars”, “the fault in our stars” and for younger readers- the “totally lucy” series.

  • Brush pens

As some of you may know from visiting my instagram page @velvetnavy (be sure to go follow me to see lots of photography and art which gives a sneak peek into my life) , i love hand lettering and graphic design type drawings. A great supply for this is brush pens, you can buy them in many places like W H Smiths or any art supply shop. They are smooth and easy to use and can, when used properly, give a beautiful calligraphy effect.

  • Relaxing

Sometimes with all the piling stress of school, homework, singing outside of school a lot and different competitions, performances, grades and deadlines to work towards… relaxing completely can be quite hard as i’ve constantly got so much on my mind (I can’t imagine what it would be like as an adult). Having a long bath with music and pampering yourself can be really nice, or having a hideaway to go to so you can let loose and forget about all the important things you need to do that day. Although it is often easier to relax once you’ve done those things, it is also nice to have a break in between to refresh yourself.

  • Spring playlist

I’ve decided since i love my autumn playlist so much i’d make one for every season, so i’ve made a spring one as well, you can find it on spotify by looking up siana2001

  • Disney films

One of my favourite disney films is tinkerbell, i’ve watched all of them so many times and loved them since a very young age so a while ago i bought the box set of all five. I love revisiting my childhood by watching all of the old disney films i used to watch and even the new ones.

  • Tv shows

I have really been getting into my TV shows recently and have raked through any amazing ones: The inbetweeners which is hilarious yet incredibly cringey, Scream which i’m currently watching with my brother, The vampire diaries which i’ve almost finished, Pretty little liars – i watched that a long time ago and can’t wait to watch the finale, 13 reasons why which is amazing and heartfelt, and finally i am currently watching black mirror which makes you think and is strange but brilliant! I will keep you updating as i go through many more TV shows (and books)

  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs

My favourite perfumes are by Marc Jacobs, previously i’ve had daisy dream and now i love Daisy, I really want divine decadence as well which could be my next birthday present if i ask for it. I just love the fresh and pretty scents! They are never too overpowering or sweet but are just perfect!

  • Instagram

Recently i have been posting so much more on my blog related instagram page of all the photoraphs i’ve taken and the artwork i’ve made. Places i’ve been and things i love! Please be sure to go and follow me and leave comments of what you would like to see posted on there and on here, what art you would like me to do etc. I will try to follow back everyone who leaves a comment.

Thank you so much for reading this and as always leave comments of suggestions and requests of blog posts etc. If you like this kind of post let me know in the comments as well! It might become a regular thing. If you’d like to revisit my blog you can usually save it to your browser as a favourite or bookmark, come back soon!

I hope you’ve had a great easter and a happy spring/ summertime to come and i will be back with another blog post soon.

Siana xx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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