My favourite stationary

Hello and welcome to another blog post all about my favourite bits and bobs of stationary. I suppose this will be my first back to school post since it is well past due by this point.

So here are a few of my favourite bits and pieces and where I buy them:

  1. Stabilo fineliners
    These are brilliant for th purposes of colourful note-taking, art students, and design! I love the wider ranges of colours and you can find these at most supermarkets and stationary shops, even B&M.
  2. Stabilo pastel highlighters
    I'm sure everyone has noticed the hype around these and I am a proud owner of a set. They are so pretty and useful without being too neon or "in your face".
  3. Typo notebooks
    If you aven't heard of typo, go on their swebsite now!!! They just have the cutest range of everything needed for back to school and I especially love their range o affordable notebooks with dividers, pockets, and the best designs on the front.
  4. WHSmith folders
    I have got myself a stunning set of all three WHSmith pastel coloured folders to go with my pastel theme. They are practical while remaining pretty.
  5. Bulldog clips
    These were essential to me during GCSEs when using flashcards for revision and you can get some really pretty coloured ones on amazon here.
  6. Paperclips
    Paperclips are ESSENTIAL! Although they may not pop out to you as one of the most important things for school, they are a very useful thing to have when trying to organise loose sheets and four page essays.
  7. Mechanical pencils
    Does anyone else love those coloured mechanical pencils in all their glory? I know I do, the quick twist of the nib is much easier and more satisfying than sharpening.
  8. Glitter pens
    GLITTER!!! Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? They are so good for note-taking if you want to be fancy, or art.
  9. Weekly planner
    These are incredibly useful when faced with a busy schedule. I use a cue marble one from sainsbury's, who by the way, have an amazing stationary range.
  10. Corkboard and pins
    During exam season I invested in a corkboard and it really helped me to organise my timetable and exams, along with putting up positive notices and reminders for myself.
  11. Correction fluid pen
    If you like to be neat and organised like me, these are brilliant to have in your pencil case. I especially love the WHSmith own brand versions (better than branded tipex in my opinion).
  12. Tiger marker pens
    Ever heard of copic markers? Ever seen the price and dived back into reality? Well tiger clearly picked up on that since they have a whole range of lovely marker pens of various colours and double endd nibs.
  13. Midliners
    I recently treated myself to som midliners for school and they are amazing! They are so smooth and come n a wide rangeof colours, I love them for annotation and creating titles, perfect for the artsy people out there!

As you may have now realised, I love stationary! If you are also a stationary lover, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any more stationary bits that you absolutely adore, please do let me know in the comments or over dm on instagram.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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