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My Favourite Christmas DIYs

Hello and welcome to my first christmas post of the year! This is all about some of my favourite Christmas DIYs (I absolutely love them and hope you do too). It’s coming close to the time of year when everything gets festive and cosy and all round lovely (I’m currently singing and boogying along to christmas music as I type) ! So on that note, here are my favourite DIYs for Christmas!

Christmas cushions

  • this year I decided to try out a new creation. Christmas cushions! I bought 6 Christmas themed “fat quarters” of fabric (mine were from Aldi believe it or not) which you can find at many craft stores. One of them had a stripy candy cane style which inspired me to create a candy cane cushion! I simply cut out a paper template of a candy cane (a couple of cm larger than needed) and then cut two sides of fabric around the template. I then sewed them together (inside out) using a sewing machine, making sure to leave a gap, turned it back the right way round, stuffed it with stuffing, then sewed up the gap. You could also swap the sewing for hot glue if you are not a fan of sewing (I must admit it can be a faff sometimes). Then there you have your gorgeous Christmas cushions!

Christmas cards

  • I have always LOVED making Christmas cards, it’s usually something I do to amp up my festive feelings and boy does it do that! This one is completely personal and you can create the cards in whatever way you wish. Start with a plain card, then add whatever takes your fancy: sequins, cut out shapes, draw, paint, collage, gems, and so on. I bought a Christmas card making set last year which was so much fun to go through with a Christmas film on in the background! It feels so special knowing that you’ll give that time and effort and live to a friend or family member, wrapped up in a big red bow of festivity.

Epic Christmas hot chocolate

  • oooh yum! Obviously, it’s inevitable that there would be some kind of hot drink in this list of Christmas DIYs. Every year I take joy in treating myself with the EPIC hot chocolate. Which usually consists of: a scrummy, luxury, milky hot chocolate; a mountain of delicious whipped cream; chocolate sprinkles; chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce; a lovely candy cane; and a straw to top it off. B E A – utiful

Christmas wrapping

  • I take pride and joy in making my presents look sparkly and beautiful under the Christmas tree, and oh yes I completely enjoy it! Call me lame but there’s just something so exciting about ramping up the present decorating and going all out with the red ribbon, brown paper, sparkly twine, mini bells and toadstools. Last year I bought ribbon, mini toadstools, sparkly ribbon, sequin ribbon, and much more from tiger to aid my love of wrapping. (there might be a future blog post on this so stay tuned)

Santa strawberries

  • these are such a cute little treat for that yummy sweetness in the festive season! Simply grab some strawberries, cut off the leaves, now slice across one third of the way down from the pointed end. This should create a base and a hat. Now either using icing or whipped cream, dollop some white sweetness into the middle of the base and the hat, a tiny blob on top of the hat, and teeny buttons down the front of the base. Add tiny black eyes, using icing, to the middle white dollop and it should look like a cute little Santa. Something like this:

Christmas decorations

  • I am all over the festive decorating, especially making my own since I have a smaller budget at Christmas and it makes me happy to create my own decorations. You can paint pictures, draw, create prints/ posters, make bunting, mini clay figures, paper snowflakes.. the list goes on and on, I find that Pinterest is a perfect place to find many of these DIYs

Yule log

  • I absolutely LOVE Yule log! Me and my mum make it some years if we don’t do our famous Christmas rocky road. It’s yummy, soft, chocolatey sponge is delicious amongst the chocolate buttercream and sprinkling of icing sugar. It’s an amazing festive treat that can be beautifully decorated with a sprig of holly made from fondant icing

Christmas cupcakes

  • I make Christmas cupcakes most years since I am “cupcake queen” in our house. Once I made vanilla cupcakes with red and green fondant icing cut into Christmas shapes like stars and trees. Last Christmas I bought some red and green Christmas tree sprinkles from t.k.maxx and covered my Christmas cupcakes in them! They looked so Christmassy and tasted delicious with a little orange flavouring. Orange and cinnamon, lemon, spice, orange, vanilla, or caramel flavoured cupcakes would fit perfectly for your Christmas cupcakes

Oranges and cloves

  • I used to make a clove ridden orange at Christmas time to stink the house out with festive joy and oh it was scrummy! I grab a large orange and pierce whole cloves through the skin of an orange in some kind of pattern or just all over, if then place it on the radiator for it to slowly dry and give off its scent. This is a great way to spread the smell of Christmas. However there is another way of doing this. Slice a large orange into 1cm slices and add three to four whole cloves to each slice, then pop in the oven on a very low heat until they look well dried. Then you can decorate the house with them! Create a garland, hang them on the tree, place them on the mantelpiece. Whatever floats your boat. Then you’ll have pretty looking, delicious smelling orange decorations and tour festive life is complete.

I hope you enjoyed my first christmas post and look forward to many more! Keep up to date with when I post (usually sundays) by following my social media links (especially instagram) in the side bar of my blog feed and subscribing (button below) to my blog.

Best wishes and christmassy love,

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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