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Summer favourites

Hello and welcome to a long awaited and late blog post all about my summer favourites of 2018.

  1. Spring onions
    This may seem strange but I have been absolutely loving some spring onions with philadelphia on top of a ryvita.

  2. Sex and the city TV show
    This has been my VICE through the summer and I can't wait to have more time to watch the rest of it! You can find it here

  3. Scrunchies
    Scrunchies have made a comeback and I am loving them! Me and my friend got matching furry scrunchies which look so cute when we're together. You can find these gorgeous ones from amazon here.

  4. Unforgotten
    If you haven't seen this sow you NEED to go watch it now! Also the theme tune is one of my favourite songs by "Oh Wonder" which is so exciting since I love them! Anyway, this is a brilliant detective show all about digging up the past and unraveling secrets, it really tickles my pickle. You can find it here.

  5. Vanishing girls
    I must admit I have taken a long time to finish this book but it was so worth it! The ending has you gasping for days, it's an incredible thriller about sibling rivalry. You can find it here

  6. Typo stationary
    I have stocked up on the Typo stationary ready for sixth form and I just can't wait to use it, it is so practical, beautiful and affordable! Here is their website.

  7. Carmex Lip balm
    As some of you may know I do love a good lip balm and Carmex has to be one of my faves. I have the original squeezy tube next to my bed and usually have the cherry chapstick one in my schoolbag. I just love them. You can find it here.

  8. Lemon water
    At the beginning of summer I was doing really well with healthy eating and good habits and lemon water became an everyday occurrence and on of my fave drinks! Although as soon as I joined NCS that of course all went tits up as soon as there was the temptation of a tuck shop!

  9. Jasper Conran perfume
    On a shopping trip recently I was treated to a new perfume from the sale and it just so happened that this gorgeous perfume (which I almost bought once and then wished I had and have been pining over ever since) was on sale! It is so fresh and distinct. You can find it here.

  10. Big mirrored sunglasses
    I have always liked mirrored sunglasses and figured it was about time I got another pair so I bough myself some new pink mirrored sunnies from good ole Primarni! I just love people watching behind big mirrored frames and they are oh so pretty as well.

  11. Iced coffee
    You probably already know that I am a lover of iced coffee, especially my own iced almond milk coffees with a splash of (German) amaretti syrup, mmmm.

  12. Fashion mags
    I always used to love fashion magazines and then for some reason I just stopped getting them. Recently I rekindled my love with fashion magazines and I am loving it! They are especially brilliant around autumn :) I love magazines such as "Cosmopolitan" and "Vogue" especially, and occasionally "Marie Claire" or "Elle" if I can't find Cosmo or Vogue, or if i've already read that months' issues.

Thank you for reading my blog post all about my faves, I definitely recommend all of them and i'd love to see your blog posts of your favourites so leave me your blog links below!
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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