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One of my many interests is makeup, i have always loved it from a young age when i would watch my mum do her makeup and try to mimic her, putting on her lipstick or some of my own barbie makeup. However, ‘normal’ makeup isn’t the only thing i have been interested in, fairly recently i have been experimenting with Special effects and character makeup therefore since i have been asked to write about this kind of thing so here i go:

Special effects makeup on a budget: Now, because i don’t have any professional tools or training in this field i thought i’d show you how i get the look i desire with minimal experience or tools. So here are a few basic tips to get you started:

  1. The thing i have always used since the start is a blood red lipstick which you can easily get from any drugstore. This is best when blotted fairly unevenly around the centre of the wound to create a slowly oxidising blood effect, to make it look more real, smudge the lipstick slightly outwards as though you have attempted to clean yourself up but the blood won’t stop.
  2. I also swear by eyeshadow, one of the best things to do is create a bruise kind of look using plum, purple, burgundy, brown shades and black. i stipple very lightly and unevenly with any eyeshadow brush, using black towards the edge of the middle of the wound and fading outwards as though the bruising is around it. The less perfect, the better. You wouldn’t have a perfect circle wound and bruise, it is supposed to seem messy and ugly!
  3. Fake blood is a plus, usually you can get this cheaply around the halloween season in fancy dress shops or even poundland and tesco! This should be placed right in the centre of the wound as though it is fresh and untouched in the middle, again smudging is a great trick to get the messy, beaten up look.
  4.  however if you want it to look even more realistic, you can buy spirit gum or liquid latex and cotton and strategically place in the areas needed which you can find out how to do in many youtube videos if you are looking to invest in higher quality makeup products…
  5. Because i don’t have spirit gum etc, i use non toxic glue and cotton to create the same effect, it might seem strange but it really works and as long as you keep it away from the eyeballs you should have no problems since it is meant for children who put everything in their mouth. Use the glue to stick the cotton to your face and as it is doing so, mould it by using glue on top of the cotton as well to seem like skin, make sure to blend it as much as you can into your natural skin so it seems more realistic and cover it with a foundation matched to your skintone once it is nearly dry.
  6. white face paint is a great item to use when trying to look deathly or particularly pale, this can again be very cheaply bought from most places around halloween

Here is a picture of some experimentation i did not long ago, for more pictures of mine go to my instagram @velvetnavy.

**Creative makeup: **As well as special effects, i really love to experiment with face paint and theatrical/ character makeup. For this i simply follow a youtube tutorial, i have previously done galaxy, fawn, skeleton, barbie and more. for this i mostly use eyeshadow, white face paint, eyeliner and lipstick. You don’t need lots of expensive makeup to create the character you are going for, for the fawn makeup i simply copied a picture on pinterest and mimicked the makeup look. I used three simple things in these two pictures: white face paint, black liquid eyeliner, and eyeshadow/ face powder. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to creative makeup so check that out for inspiration! you can find me @siana2001 , all my links to things are in the about section of my blog.

**Normal makeup: **Of course i absolutely love to do ‘normal’ makeup as well and once again i am in no way a professional however i have picked up a few tips while experimenting.

  1. when using bronzer remember that it should be placed naturally where the sun hits your face, therefore instead of under the cheekbones keep it just on top slightly under where the blusher would go. don’t forget to apply it to the forehead as well
  2. If you have hooded eyes, don’t use eyeliner all the way along the top, do the wing first and then blend it thinly into the waterline.
  3. when applying eyeshadow (especially to hooded eyes) blend a transition shade just above the crease beginning to blend up to the edge of the browbone.
  4. contour should be more of a grey toned brown colour rather than an orange bronzy colour and the two are not to be confused with each other. Contour should go where your face would naturally have shadows like under the cheekbones.

A great source of information when it comes to makeup is a book called face paint by Lisa Eldridge, She talks about the history of makeup and lots of tips and tricks, youtube is a great source for tutorials and you can follow my makeup board on pinterest for inspiration.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. i hope some of it helped at least and be sure to check out my social media links!

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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