lists of autumn

It is no secret that i am absolutely in love with autumn. i also thoroughly enjoy (maybe strangely) making lists. Therefore i have collated some of the things that just make it amazing and what you can do to embrace this luscious time!

Things i love about autumn:

  1. all the gorgeous colours like the oranges, golds, bronzes, reds, burgundy and the deep earthy greens
  2. blankets to snuggle under and be nice and cuddly and warm
  3. autumnal candles all over the place
  4. crunchy leaves to jump in and crinkle under your boots
  5. the fact that we are always getting even closer to christmas
  6. sweater weather so i can wear all of my comfy big knitwear pieces and autumnal clothing
  7. the ability to wear beanies without getting too hot
  8. fairy lights dazzling my room
  9. the gorgeous, autumnal and cosy fashionfashion
  10. cinnamon flavoured and scented everything
  11. cosiness in general with all of these things put together
  12. rainy days and my favourite smell of petrichor
  13. hot drinks in big mugs, cinammon coffee and yummy hot chocolate
  14. smells like cinammon, pumpkin, leaves, petrichor, gingerbread etc
  15. home baking like gingerbread, pumpkin spice cupcakes and other yummy treats
  16. pumpkins, oh the pumpkins, i loooove everything pumpkin
  17. sitting around crackling fires and being all snuggled up and cosy
  18. makeup! the autumnal coloured makeup looks that take over this season with berry lips and golden eyes

Things to do in autumn:

  1. bake something with yummy autumnal spices
  2. make toffee apples
  3. buy or pick pumpkins
  4. make s’mores by a fire
  5. make pumpkin soup
  6. carve a pumpkin
  7. run through autumn leaves
  8. watch fireworks
  9. have a movie night
  10. go for an autumn walk
  11. make autumn crafts
  12. make a garland
  13. go christmas present shopping
  14. go blackberry picking
  15. make apple pie
  16. have a bubble bath
  17. buy a pumpkin spiced latte
  18. go for a midnight walk wrapped up

crafts to make:

  1. an autumn garland or wreath
  2. dried orange slices
  3. pot pourri
  4. paint/draw an autumn picture
  5. decorate a plain mug
  6. knit a scarf or blanket
  7. draw your autumn/fall favourites
  8. paint pinecones
  9. a paper leaf garland (glittery!)
  10. bonfire night cupcakes

Many of these crafts can be found on pinterest and i highly recommend pinterest for inspiration of ways to do/embrace/love some of these things. i will hopefully be doing many of these things myself (i have done a few already) and will be posting pictures of them on my instagram page @velvetnavy so be sure to follow me on there to see more autumnal pictures.

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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