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Halloween Party essentials

Hello and welcome to a spooky blog post all about the absolute must haves for a halloween party, and some cool tips I've learned while hosting my own!

Key snacks to have in stock:

  1. Gummy worms
  2. Swizzels halloween selection packs
  3. Chocolate eyeballs and pumpkins
  4. Ghoulish marshmallows
  5. Popcorn
  6. Doritos and dip
  7. Spooky lime jaffa cakes
  8. Vegan alternatives for those healthy friends! (bourneville, oreos, hartley's jelly, and free from goodies are all great options)

Some cool DIYs:

  1. Jelly shots
    I made these for my own scary movie/halloween get together and they went down quite well.
    I simply bought Hartley's sparkly vegan friendly jely powder, mixed it with 400ml boiling water, stirred it until smooth, let it cool a while, then added 50-100ml of gin or vodka.
    Pour the mixtre into moulds or shot glasses (we had skeleton shot glasses) and serve.
    You could add gummy sweets in there to float about and look creepy too if you like!

  2. Ghost paper cutouts
    I was looking to make my living room more halloweeny when I remembered an old trick I knew and decided to give it a go.
    You get an A4 piece of paper and fold it in alternating directions as though you were folding a leaflet in three parts.
    Then draw on your chosen design (I did ghosts because they are easy and effective), and cut it out, BEING SURE to connect the ends of each cut out to the side of the paper like this:
    Then open it up and draw on some little eyes and mouths. CUTE!

    Things you can't forget:

    1. Blankets (for cuddling under if you get scared)
    2. Coasters (for drinks and ring marks which I learned the hard way)
    3. Scary movies (obvs it's halloween)
    4. Board Games
      if you can find any scary ones that's a bonus)
    5. Fairy lights (I have some really cool skeleton and ghost lights from Aldi)
    6. Fluffy socks (in case your feet get cold of course)
    7. Halloween paper bowls and cups (it's so much easier and cuter to just have these rather than washing up the boring ones in the morning)

Thank you for reading my tips and tricks for a brilliant halloween party! I hope you have some spooky fun times with your friends too, don't get too wild.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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