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Exam anxiety

Hello and welcome to another blog post all about exam anxiety! Today I will be talking you through some tips and tricks that I use before my GCSE exams to help me relive or minimize stress!
Good luck with your exams and I hope this helps some of you.


  1. Rhodiola
    This is a natural supplement which can be bought in places such as Holland & Barret and even Amazon. It claims to reduce anxiety, brighten energy and concentration, and soothe depressive symptoms. I can honestly say that this has made quite a substantial difference to my life! I have noticed that I am a lot chirpier in the mornings (just after I take it) which helps my energy levels in school, I am also less tearful and less stressed about my exams! I highly recommend this product.
  2. Rescue remedy
    This is another natural remedy to relieve stress and I usually carry one around with me at school so I can drop/spray some onto my tongue when I can feel myself getting anxious. Whether it's a placebo or not? I can't actually tell but I personally think it helps in some way at least, even if it may be small.
  3. Meditating
    Meditating is seriously underrated and it can actually really relax you during a depressive or stressful time. I sometimes just go onto youtube or headspace and listen to a 15 minute meditation video. Yoga is also a really good way to wind down and relax yourself.
  4. Deep breathing
    This is so simple and I do it before every exam, focus solely on your breathing and center it in your abdomen, breathe deeply and feel the breathe fill your body and ground you. Tell yourself that everything will be okay and keep calming your breathing.
  5. Prepare equipment
    Preparing your equipment the night before an exam is a very good idea! It ensures that you have as much time as you need in the morning to focus yourself on more important things than trying to run around finding a protractor from year 7.
  6. Good night's sleep
    Every teacher will tell you to sleep well and it gets kind of boring but they say it for a reason! Your brain can't function to its fullest unless it is well rested. By depriving your brain of sleep, you are actually giving everyone else who slept well, a head start. We don't want that do we?
  7. The biggest mindset tip!
    When it comes to exams, it seems as though EVERYTHING is against you and it all becomes a pile of stress. Organize your thoughts into two piles, things you can change, and things you can't change. My Dad always says:

What do you do with the things you can't change?
Throw them away

I know it doesn't seem that simple but in a way it can be. Having someone to remind you of this is a great way to stay rational and productive. Whenever I get overwhelmed i talk to my parents and it always ends in throwing away the things in my mind that I can't change, because there's really no point worrying about them!

I hope you enjoyed this post about exam anxiety and that maybe some of it helped you.
Good Luck in your exams! A lot of these tips can actually be applied to everyday life and I highly recommend using them for that too! I know I do.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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