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Dealing with stress

Hello and welcome back! I have been gone for a hot minute, but never fear, Siana is here. So, I though that before I get into the main bulk of the blog post, i’d just give you a rundown of what i’ve been getting up to:

I have been doing more revision than ever which is making me feel so productive; I am working my way through a rather large and nerve-wracking art final piece amongst other things; I received my mock exam results; I had a fabulous snow day with my friends and I went to Glastonbury for a weekend with my mum.

Anyway, with all that said, lets get on with the actual blog post, today i’m going to be sharing with you how I deal with stress. Now, i’m not the best at doing this but i’ll share with you how i’ve become better at it.

  • mindfulness

I have done a whole blog post on mindfulness which you can find here, it gives tips about how you can do it and why it’s beneficial, I highly recommend giving it a read because it helps relieve stress a lot!

  • rescue remedies

This is an all natural brand which helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, I use the mouth spray and the dropper. Take it with you places if you know that you struggle with stress and anxiety so that you can just slip some if and when you want. I can’t guarantee that this works magically but it helps at least.

  • breathe

It seems so simple and it is, but breathing can help calm you down in many situations. I usually count to 10 with my breaths and just focus on breathing and counting. Sometimes closing your eyes helps as well but that can be a bit of a problem if you’re in a social situation like school. Take deep breaths and put all of your energy in the focus of your breathing rythm.

  • listen to music

If you’re in a situation of social anxiety, this can be a tricky one, but if you’re not, grab the headphones! I like to listen to either some calming music (I adore Ludovico Einaudi) or something boppy and enjoyable to take your mind off of it.

  • write a list

It can feel so overwhelming when things that need to be done just keep piling on top of you. I recommend writing two separate lists of things you’re worrying about. On one side, have “things I can do something about” and on the other, write “things I can’t do anything about”. Now cross off all of the things on the second list and focus on what you can start out doing from the list of things you can do something about, to reduce the size of it slightly. Begin with baby steps.

  • talk to someone

I am so terrible at this! I let a few tiny things boil up inside me until I am at the high point of extreme stress. Go to an experienced parent or friend and ask for help, whether that’s with personal issues, school work, stress in general, anxiety, anything. Letting out some of your stress, by talking to someone else about it, offloads your stress load. It can help so much.

  • be organised

If everything around you is messy and without order, that often reflects on your stress, attitude, behaviour and mental state. Tidy your room, organise your school bag, clean your desk. A big one for me is having my revision resources organised, I have a cork board  of revision lists, a folder of mind maps and flashcards, a shelf of revision guides, my favourite pens and stationary, and I know where it all is. It makes life so much easier and stress free. I actually have a blog post all about organisation which you an find here if you want to check it out.

  • un-muddle your brain

I get quite bad at this I have to admit. I have been known to get so worried about all of the things going on and let them all just merge into one until I think everything is going horribly wrong. Sort things out! Mentally put them into piles, for example: Have a pile of homework, a pile of revision, a pile of exams, a pile of urgent things, a pile of personal issues etc. And don’t just make negative piles, have a pile of things you can go to that helps relieve stress, a pile of things to look forward to, a pile of things that make you happy.

  • have realistic goals

Going back to the to-do list idea, don’t try to complete everything on there in the space of one day! It will only make you more stressed. Make sure you have a realistically reachable goal, choose one bigger thing or two smaller things and aim to complete only that on one day, then do the same the next day. You will get through the list in no time with much less stress.

  • exercise

“Oh blah blah we’ve all heard about how helpful exercise is, shut up already”.  I know, it’s annoying, but hear me out. I am one of those people who hates getting ready to do exercise. I want to do the exercise but the act of: getting out of my comfy cocoon; putting on workout clothes (especially in winter); then actually getting everything ready and going to do the exercise; is pure horridness to me. I understand. But when you’ve done the exercise and you’re feeling accomplished, productive, freed, and pretty darn good, you will thank yourself and you can have a lovely warm shower! It is so beneficial and will make you feel so much more productive. If it helps, write it into your schedule. For example, on my revision timetable I have “HIIT” on wednesday (high intensity interval training) and “gym” on friday. Then I know that there’s no getting out of it, it’s on my schedule. Also, there’s no need to be hitting the gym everyday! Just give yourself a boost every now and again.

  • spend time with friends

“Oh no, I can’t go out with friends, I have to revise and do so much work”. Umm, doing work is very good of you, but you also need some free time. You’re only human after all. Have some fun and something to look forward to, you’re young and free, go and spend some quality time with your besties, it won’t hurt. Enjoy yourself! Let loose! Surrounding yourself with other people can also be a big energy boost because you’re all bouncing off of each other’s energy.

I hope this helped in some way, happy sunday, enjoy yourself and chill.

Lots of love,

Siana xxx

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