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Cosy night in

As many of us do, I LOVE ice cream. A great thing to do once in a while with your friends, family or even by yourself is to get cosy with a blanket, flick on a film and share a tub of ice cream. I really love Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough flavour and if you fancy a super sugary treat, a great one to go for is Cadbury’s marvellous creations. A few film of my film favourites are: ‘I love you Beth Cooper’, ‘Les miserables’, ‘The sixth sense’, ‘pitch perfect 2’ and ‘The Danish girl’. Of course if you are not a fan of ice cream but still want to treat yourself, you can easily swap it out for a sweet treat of your choice like chocolate, cake or trifle. Whatever floats your boat. Enjoy your comfy night in.



Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

Hello! My name is Siana, I love coffee, Christmas, cosiness, family, friends, art and singing. Leave opinions, requests, and your blog or social media links in the comments section. Enjoy xxx

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