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Christmas Roomspiration

Hello and welcome to my “Christmas Roomspiration” post. Asked to see my room with all of my Christmas decorations as inspiration for her own. So, I thought I’d do a blog post on it! Thanks to Lydia for the request, she has a great baking instagram account Lydia’s Bakes! If i’m honest, I just couldn’t wait to show you all of my decorations in my room that I put up today, so you are getting two blog posts in one day!

My Headboard

I have these fairy lights from primark up all year round, they are battery operated and look so lovely and glimmery! I now have my red and gold tinsel (I think from poundland) along by bed, my homemade Christmas cushions (I have instructions for how I made these in my “My Favourite Christmas DIYs” blog post) and some other cushions that I have all year round.

The end of my bed

So, on my bed I have: my plaid, Christmas, brushed cotton duvet cover from Asda; a snowflake bedsheet (seen in the above picture); my reindeer blanket that my friend gave me for my brithday (I think it’s from matalan); some pink tinsel that I bought yeeears ago; and some other cushion and blanket bits and bobs.

My bookcase

On my bookcase I draped some snowflake fairylights from Aldi, along with some silver tinsel, again, bought ages ago. I also have a little Christmas box with a delicious, Christmas smelling candle inside of it which I recieved for my birthday this year from one of my friends.

My christmas tree

Arguably, the best part of Christmas decorating is the tree! We have many mini Christmas trees in our house and this is mine! It was bought a long time ago so I don;t remember where it’s from but it’s a lovely white with warm toned lights from Primark, Black and champagne coloured baubles, a few silver ribben curls, and the sparkly golden star on top. I absolutely love my tree and the way it lights up the room.

Little bits and bobs

I have a big stocking and a little stocking hanging from my wall which are sooo cute and festive! You can get these almost anywhere around this time of year and they bring some old fashioned joy to the room. I also have a mini reindeer decoration hanging from my TV, a picture I drew, another hanging decoration, and finally my advent calendar! Who doesn’t love a good Cadbury’s advent calendar? I also got the little christmas tree Poundland from poundland one year! Who’d have thunk it?

More tinsel?!


Oh yes, I am rather tinsel mad, as proven by my tinsel covered room! You can never have enough sparkle at Christmas and tinsel does this perfectly! Mine is from a variation shops like poundland, the garden centre, Asda, and many more. I particularly love the copper tinsel.

I hope you enjoyed this little rundown of my Christmassy bedroom! Maybe you took some inspiration from it? Tag me in pictures of your Christmas room on instagram.

Lots of Love,



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Siana Goodwin

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