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Christmas pamper routine

Hello and welcome to “Christmas pamper routine”, my first collab ever!!! I am buzzing to be doing a collab with the one and only Sophie who runs the blog Love, Soph. Definitely check her out after reading this if you haven’t already, you will not regret it!

This post is going up on the day that I finished school for the holidays so I don’t know about you, but in my mind that is definitely an opportunity for the indulgence of a pamper night.

My pamper routine begins with a Bath. I will light candles, put on my fairy lights, and fill my bath with lovely smelling bubbles! My candle of course has to be christmas scented and my current one on the go is “red apple wreath” from Yankee Candle. I usually use Zoella’s scooper dooper or, especially around Christmas time, Lush bubble bars and bath bombs! I currently switch between “candy mountain” and “the magic of Christmas”, I have to say that the magic of Christmas is my ultimate favourite as it just smells so incredibly festive and yummy!

In the bath I will then use a face mask, my favourite one is “out of trouble” by origins which I have spoken about before. It is just so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. I follow this by washing it off with my Soap & Glory face scrub and then all of the usual bath-time things. I wash my hair with Garnier ultimate blends honey treasures (what a mouthful), and condition with argan oil of morocco conditioner. Daisy dream shower gel that came in the gift set is my current body wash on the go. I slather on a little snow fairy body conditioner from lush, wash everything off and then just relax, often with someone’s vlogmas on in the background. Most likely Zoe’s, Tanya’s, Alfie’s or Rose & Rosie’s. Another thing that really aids my relaxation time is I will sometimes listen to headspace, headspace is a free app with several guided sessions of mindfulness and meditation to really help you put things into perspective and relieve stress. This is especially useful around this time as I know many of you readers in year 11 will be revising for mocks.

Once I finally draw myself away from soaking until I prune, I will go into my room and liberally spread The body shop’s Christmas shimmer lotions, either frosted plum, or spiced apple. They leave a gorgeous shimmer soaked into your skin and smell divine, along with the obvious moisturising properties.

This is when I go back into my bathroom and focus on the face! If i’m feeling a little extra, i’ll go all out with a pore strip which is so refreshing and satisfying! Then tackle any pesky spots with Origins’ spot remover and finally use my favourite and trusty bee propolis aloe vera moisturiser on my face, to give it that intense moisture surge. Of course I cannot forget my lips in the biting weather of winter so i’ll layer on some lip balm (usually EOS).

Pyjama time! This is when things get all cosy as I put on my current pyjamas (of course they have reindeer with santa hats on them) or my cuddly white onesie (so cute). Some kind of visual entertainment will be on in the background as I potter about getting comfy and then do my nails, hair, pluck my eyebrows, all three of those things, or none. I love curling my hair to make it all bouncy, or painting my nails with various reds, glitters, and occasionally even Christmas patterns. I’ll sometimes just read a book or watch something Christmassy.

So there you have it, my pamper routine for Christmas! I hope you enjoyed reading and make sure you have some Christmassy time to yourself now and again to just wind down and relax.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to Soph for doing this collab with me (my first one ever, we’re off to a brilliant start) and I cannot wait to read her Christmas pamper routine! Sophie is lovely girl and a big inspiration, I really love reading every one of her posts, her blogmas has been a real treat. If you are somehow unaware of Sophie’s blog (how dare you) you can find it here. Check it out and leave lovely comments and likes.

Also, if any of you came here from Soph’s blog, hello! Have a look around and let me know what you think, if you are a fellow blogger, leave a link to your blog in the comments or send me a message on instagram @velvetnavy .

I hope you have a great holiday and Merry Christmas!

Lots of love,

Siana xx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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