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Christmas Makeup

Hello and welcome to Christmas Makeup!Today i’m going to be walking you through two of my staple makeup looks for Christmas and the products that I use: Gold eyes with red lips, and burgundy eyes with nude lips. It’s so exciting getting all dressed up for a Christmas meal, shopping day or even Christmas dinner!


  • I began this look of course with my “base” makeup.
    First of all, I applied my Rimmel lasting finish foundation, in the lightest shade, with my Real Techniques sponge. I mixed a little high beam liquid highlight by Benefit in with the foundation. I then went over spots, blemishes, and under-eye circles with my Collection lasting perfection concealer and dusted a small bit of rimmel stay matte translucent pressed powder. I went over that with my Body shop shimmer beads to add some glimmer, and finally, applied my Benefit dandelion blush.

Gold eyes and red lips:

Now I will go on to talk about the first look of gold eyes and red lips, I have to say that this is my favourite makeup look for Christmas as it looks so pretty and glimmery with traditional Christmas colours.

  • To begin with, I covered my eyelids with a base of Maybeline colour tattoo cream eyeshadow in gold, using my fingers to apply it. I then took a warm light brown colour from my sleek palette into the crease to add definition. After that, I patted the Kiko water effect eyeshadow onto the lid with a more yellow toned gold from another palette I own. I then took my Benefit roller lash mascara onto my top lashes and sumptuous Estée Lauder mascara on the lower lashes.

  • For my eyebrows, I used a mid brown eyeshadow on an angles brush and sharpened up the edges of my brows, then went over them with clear mascara. I usually don’t do anything with them but I thought since I was going fully festive that they deserved some love.
  • To finish off, I used a No7 matte red lipstick which tied it all together!

Burgundy eyes and nude lips:

The next look is burgundy eyes and nudes lips, this is another gorgeous and shimmery look for Christmas events and goes perfectly with burgundy clothing.

  • I again covered my eyelids with another Maybeline colour tattoo in burgundy this time, then used a slightly darker warm brown in the crease to add definition. I then packed some loose magnetic eyeshadow from Kiko onto the lid and went in with a shimmery red in the centre. I again used the same mascaras, Roller lash for the upper lashes, and sumptuous for the lower lashes.

  • I did the same as before for my eyebrows and then used my Body Shop nude lipstick to compliment the eyes

I hope you enjoyed these two Christmas inspired makeup looks and maybe try them out yourself! tag me in or send me pictures of them if you try them out, Be sure to follow me on instagram @velvetnavy to keep up to date with my uploads (every sunday).

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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