Camping with friends

Hello and welcome to another exciting summery blog post about a brilliant camping trip I had with my friends recently.

As some of you may know, me and my family have a caravan permanently sited in Dorset which is a lovely blessing. Therefore I was happy to take my friends there for the second year (we did this last year too) to camp outside right near our caravan and have a smashing week.

So I thought I'd go through some of the stuff we did and include some pictures (including some things I bought)


  • Chips on the quay
    As soon as we got there it was about lunch time and we were ravenous, so on the way to the campsite mum dropped us off in town and we went to the chippy and ate our chips on the quay.
  • Put up the tent
    The most important thing on our agenda was obviously to set up the tent and make sure we have a secure place to sleep so me and mum tackled that with the help of my two handy sidekicks.
  • Evening out on the quay
    After tea we made our way to the Wednesday event of the evening which happened to be circus themed. We watched the fireworks and ate some fresh donuts. It was brilliant!



  • Bournemouth shopping day
    Of course we had to have a day out shopping around Bournemouth and I bought a few bits ready for back to school, including new shoes and matching pastel folders for sociology:
  • Beach visit with tango iceblasts
    As you probably know, Bournemouth does have a beach so once we had finished shopping we wondered over to the beach and soon realised that a tango iceblast would top the day off perfectly. We searched high and low to find one until we finally came across an odeon cinema which sells them!


  • Paddle boarding
    Once we were home and settles we had some spare time before heading out to dinner so we decided to go out paddle-boarding on the river which was great fun!
  • Meal out
    For tea we went to a lovely little restaurant with delicious food all day, I had a chicken burger which was incredibly yummy!


  • Beach day
    Of course we had to make the most of the stunning weather and 28 degree heat so we headed off to Knoll beach in Studland and spent the day splashing around among the sea and bathing in the beaming sun.



  • Picnic on the beach
    A day at the beach is not complete without a picnic and so we shared a French stick with a range of cheeses and meats and some crisps on the side. Delicious!
  • Games
    In the afternoon we were all pooped from a long day in the sun so we chilled with drinks and board games and watched the sun go down.


  • Morning market
    Every Saturday there is a market on the quay which sells a plethora of things such as cakes and Turkish delight! So we got a couple of bakery things and then made our way to the café for morning coffee
  • Iced coffee
    In the café we all ordered lovely iced coffees in the hot weather and talked about the best bits of our time away wtih each other, then decided to take some pictures together


  • Pictures by the quay
    We finished of the brilliant time with some pictures to commemorate the trip, we managed to bump into my mum and she took some picture of us together on the quay which was lovely!
  • Packing up
    Finally, we had to pack everything away and sadly head on home after a wonderful time.




I hope you enjoyed this insight into our mini getaway, I highly recommend you doing this with your friends! Drag them out yo have some fun.
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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