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Brain tour (ep 3)

Hello and welcome to another episode of brain tour! I thought it would be really useful and interesting to post one of these close to exam times. I'm going back to a similar structure as the very first brain tour but slightly altered to this time period. So here we go!

Things on my mind:

  • NCS
    After exams are over,I will be doing NCS which is a residential based teen citizen service program. I am excited but OH SO nervous!
  • Exams
    Of course exams are on everyone's minds I'm sure, but they had to appear on this list because I just won't get them out of my head until results day.
  • Prom
    A positive thing! I am one of the decorating team members for prom so I am helping to organise a lot of the design which is so exciting! I think prom is going to be brilliant.
  • The end of exams
    I just keep thinking about the 21st of June and how I'll feel after freely walking out of the doors after my LAST EXAM! Oh goodness what a feeling that will be.
  • Revision
    Yikes, I'm not a fan of revision :( And I am also someone who tends to get very stressed about doing/not doing it. I have a vicious cycle of not feeling motivated, taking a night off, and then feeling guilty about it. I just can't wait to ditch the revision for subjects that I never want to hear of again (i.e. Maths, SCIENCE eurgh)

Current feelings:

  • Nervous!
    As you may guess, I am terrified about exams.
  • Stressed
    Revision and exams are so stressful I don't know how we all do it
  • Excited
    Excited about summer and ditching GCSEs for good!

10 things to be happy about:

  1. Summer
  2. May half term
  3. Sixth form
  4. Prom
  5. The end of exams
  6. Study leave
  7. Stationary
  8. Coffee
  9. Double Deckers
  10. Baguettes

My next 5 exams and how I feel about them:

  1. French reading & listening
    Nervous but not too bad, Once the speaking is over, I'm okay with French. However, I really dislike the listening and the fact that we have to do them both in one sitting. I just need to keep revising my vocab and grammar.
  2. Biology paper 1
    Aahhh the dreaded science! I'm not happy about this one but I'm just going to try my best
  3. RE
    I'm going to be honest and admit that I have not, and probably will not revise for RE. In my opinion (and I don't mean any offense by this) RE is pointless to me. It doesn't count as a full GCSE in my school anyway so I'd rather put my effort into other subjects to be frank. Therefore, I'm actually not too fussed about this one. If I fail, I fail.
  4. Chemistry paper 2
    Another Science exam :( Chemistry is my worst I think so I am really nervous about this, especially as I have put so much effort into revising science.
  5. French writing
    I'm not the biggest fan of French writing but in a way I prefer it to reading and listening, because it's one paper to focus on and I know the layout really well. I might not be brilliant at it, but it's fairly simple on paper.

That concludes my 3rd Brain Tour, I suppose this should be "Brain Tour Exam Edition". I hope you're doing okay with exams (if you're currently doing them) and you haven't tipped over the edge. If you're not doing exams, lucky you!!
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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