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Brain tour (ep 2)

Hello and welcome to my second brain tour. This one might be structured differently to the last one but that’s okay because my mind changes which is the whole point of this post. This post is a big ole chatty one and I warn you, it will probably be a bit of an all over the place mess.

So, I recently have been pretty rubbish with my blogging schedule, which is no surprise since I only recently decided to post on a more regular schedule and the fact that I am currently in a bit of a deep dark hole. Don’t get worried, I am not literally in a hole, but sometimes that’s how it feels, and that’s okay.

So, where do we start?

I have a lot of trouble with talking about my feelings, and now that i’ve said that, don’t expect this to be a big feelings post full of my deepest secrets, because it’s not. As sure as I am that you’d probably love to delve into some gossip, i’m afraid it’s not that kind of post.

Anyway, I am a hoarder. I hoard my feelings and problems, push them down and squash them into a teeny little balloon. But the problem is, I am always subconsciously aware of that balloon, so really, it never actually goes away. In time, the balloon gets bigger and bigger until it is at its final stretch of elastic, then BANG. The balloon bursts and out comes everything, the world ends, my life is over, all hell breaks loose etc etc.

As you can see, my little balloon isn’t a very effective way of dealing with things, I know this, so i’m trying to become better at easing out a tiny bit of it at a time by talking.

You may think, “why has she gone off on a massive tangent about a balloon inside her head?”, “is this girl crazy?”. Well my point is, everyone deals with things differently, for example, some people never let their balloon inflate at all, they deal with things right there and then so that it never has to be put into the balloon, other people acknowledge the balloon and ease out small bits at a time, and some (like me) pretend that the balloon doesn’t exist until it all bursts in their face and causes an absolute mess. Some people’s balloons fill quicker than others, some take ages.

I am taking some time to try and deflate my balloon a little, I have a lot of things crammed up in there that can be helped, this means that my blog becomes less of a priority on my list. My blog was one of the things in my balloon, and probably still will be, but i’m easing the pressure by saying to all of you blog readers that I will not be regularly posting on here for a while, it may be a short while, it may be a long while.

However!!! On a much more positive and less balloon explosive note, I am pretty much always active on my velvetnavy instagram account so definitely follow me on there to stay up to date with my life and be notified on when I will be posting on my blog.

I’m sorry if this has been confusing, I know it’s a bit all over the place but I hope you understand.

If you are in a similar situation and would benefit from a post about how I deal with stress and “my balloon” then let me know because that could possibly be my next post.

So much love,

Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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