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Once again I am back with another blog post although this one is at the start of a new season. Autumn! Which so happens to be my favourite season. The chilly weather, wrapping up warm, pretty autumnal pictures and colours, pumpkin spice, hot drinks and yummy candle smells.

 Anyway, the point of this blog post is to share inspiration on autumnal room decoration. I know that sounds so dorky but stick with me.
1. One of my favourite things to do when Autumn rolls around is put up my leaf decorations. A few years ago, when I started wanting to make a difference to my bedroom during the different seasons, I made a chain of Autumn leaves out of coloured paper and brown cotton to string it together. I put that over my shelf. Just this year I bought a pre made version of that to drape over my chest of draws. I also cut autumnal coloured crepe paper into star/ leaf shapes to attach to some of my fairy lights.
2. Another thing I do to spruce up my room is create art to put up. For example I have painted a picture of Autumn fashion in a park with Autumn trees. I drew out a list of things I love about Autumn with pictures and I took some old pictures out of a calendar from the seasonal months and stuck them up around my room.
3. When this time arrives, that’s when I bring out the seasonal candles. One of my favourites for Autumn is actually a Christmas candle but it can be used all year round, icicles from Yankee candle. I also like ginger glow, cosy by the fire and autumn nights. I can’t wait for zoella’s new Christmas collection to come into my nearest store so I can use all of her gingerbread smelling goodness ( you can find her blog here: www.zoella.com )! I have also asked for ‘winter’ from the white company for my birthday.
4. out come the cosy blankets and on come the fairy lights! i have a couple of blankets and my fairy lights up all year round but at this time i make a specific effort to bring out all my extra blankets and turn on all my fairy lights to make my room extra cosy and special.
5. although this has nothing to do with room decor i love to play my autumn playlist (i have played it for 3 or 4 aumtumn seasons in a row now so it reminds me of this time). you can find it on spotify @sianajade ‘fall playlist’ , it is quite similar to ‘fallingforeva’ by eva gutowski but with a few songs taken off and a few extra added.
although there aren’t many bullet points and to some of you this may not seem a lot, when put all together it looks amazingly autumnal and gorgeous. (please tell me there are other people out there who do this and i’m not the only crazy one!)
I hope you enjoyed reading about what i do to prepare for cosiness these next months and look forward to my next blog post which of course will be festive and seasonal.
love, siana xxx
Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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