A new introduction

A new introduction

Hello and welcome back!

It's been a while..

To put things simply, VelvetNavy as you knew it will no longer be VelvetNavy as you knew it.
I am scrolling back through my old posts (now unpublished, squirreled away for my own entertainment) and I find myself cringing and rolling my eyes.
It's safe to say I've changed a lot since I started my blog, and I tried to move the posts along as I grew, but eventually fell out of love with blogging as I felt like I should be sticking to my old content.

So, I feel as though a new introduction is overdue!

My name is Siana.
I am currently an Art Foundation student, I have just been through A-Levels (well, not really because of COVID but in a way, I did them), during the pandemic I set up my own Art shop/business (Siana's Canvas) which I am now trying to keep up while in full time eductaion (tricky).

So I suppose what I'm trying to say is, I will most likely be using this platform for arty related things, possibly a few college related bits, and whatever else I find interesting now.
As a general overview, I am much more conscious of health, in terms of physical, mental, food, environment, sustainibility and much more.
I still love coffee, that definitely hasn't changed!
And clearly, Art is now a huge part of my life as I am looking to take it further at University (depending on the pandemic situation of course).

You may have noticed a digital portfolio as a page on my blog now. This will become more prominent on the website as my portfolio grows and I have more customer experience. I am looking to turn this into a kind of get to know me/ why I do what I do/ Look at my art everyone! type blog :)

Anyway, I feel as though you get the message. This is me and this is my blog evolving. I hope you stick aroung as it changes more and more.