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A good night's sleep

I’m sure we all love waking up from a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Here are a few tips in order to get that fabulous feeling:

•put away the technology – though it can be tempting to go on social media sites and scroll through pictures of on fleek eyebrows and the latest gossip all night however you must refrain from this temptation. The light from the screen sends signals to your brain which makes you feel like it’s daytime, therefore it takes much longer for you to get to sleep afterwards. It is also not good for your eyes and you won’t get enough sleep if you spend too much time on technology.

•maybe add a scent – certain scents make us relax more which is a very lovely feeling just before bed and prepares your brain for sleep mode. Some of these scents include: lavender, olbas oil, bergamot, neroli, chamomile, frankincense, geranium and many more

 •don’t have caffeine beforehand – caffeine immediately makes you feel more awake and energetic so is a no no before bed, however a mug of boiling water and lemon juice can be very refreshing and relaxing as a replacement of coffee or tea if you are trying to break the habit

•add sounds – for some people, gentle music or sound effects can really help them fall asleep and become more relaxed. For example, I have a playlist on Spotify that I let play through while I’m falling asleep (find it here: https://open.spotify.com/user/sianajade/playlist/4Oav6wLHsH7QkhQP9Nbex7 ).The nights where I don’t want that, I have a rain noise app (you can find it here: https://appsto.re/gb/EtZxI.i )in which you can alter the sounds to your taste. If none of this appeals to you, of course, silence works a charm too.

•temperature is key – making sure you fall asleep at a comfortable temperature is a must, being too hot or cold will immediately put you off falling asleep. So make sure you are happy with the temperature by opening windows, having fans or heaters on, or just leaving it the way it is.

•make sure you are comfortable in bed – this may sound silly but it really is important that you are comfortable while you sleep, add some blankets or pillows to give that extra comfort and if you like to keep it simple, that’s fine too

•relax – if you are feeling particularly stressed after a long day, it might be a good idea to just take some time to pamper yourself. Run a nice warm bath with aromatherapy oils or just a nice bath bomb, light a candle, sit back and relax. Again, some gentle music might help in this situation.

•finally, sleeping pattern – try to keep a sustained sleeping pattern by going to bed at the same time every night. Routines are good in this situation as it gets your body used to going to sleep at a certain time.

I hope this tips were helpful and you have a lovely sleep.



Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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