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A day in my life

Hello and welcome to a day in my life! Now this is actually quite a tricky post to do since no day is the same and I have different routines. However, I am determined to give it my best shot and give you an insight to what my days are like. I will be focusing this post around the contents of my weekdays.


  • The first thing i'll usually do is switch off alarm, this can be tricky but i'm getting better. My alarm goes off at 6:20am with sounds of the ocean, it's one of those that slowly lights up over time, mimicking the sun rising.
  • I then need to sit up otherwise I really will just have a "quick lie down" and then fall back asleep.
  • One of the very first things I need to do is go pee. I can't begin the morning without a toilet trip.
  • I then pack my schoolbag for the day with any books and resources that I may need.
  • After that I get dressed into my school uniform and then proceed to go downstairs with my bag.
  • In the kitchen I make my lunch for school, recently i've been having rice crackers with cashew nut butter, a fruit smoothie and a snack like a "Jordan's frusli bar".
  • I then have breakfast which is almost always granola and milk.
  • I go upstairs to brush my teeth and use Mario Bedescu rosewater spray to prime my face.
  • While I wait for that to dry I make my bed if I have time and then go over to my desk.
  • There I do my everyday makeup while watching some sort of video, whether that's a Youtube video or a TED talk.
  • When i've done my makeup, I make sure i've got everything and then leave for school.


Now this depends on each day so I will give a rundown of my schedule:

On every day of the week I try to do some type of schoolwork or revision which can vary greatly depending on what I feel like I need to focus on. If you would like to see a study with me post, leave a comment telling me what you'd like me to focus on and i'll happily do that.
Here are a few extra things I do after school during the week:

  • Tuesday - Maths revision session after school, Singing lesson and maths tutoring
  • Wednesday - HIIT workout
  • Thursday - Choir practice
  • Friday - Gym after school with my friends and chillout evening

Other things that i'll do in the evenings are:

  • Read a book
  • Watch something on TV (i'm currently rewatching "13 reasons why")
  • Do some art (this counts as schoolwork but it's also something I enjoy)
  • Watch youtube videos - I'm currently absolutey loving Emma Chamberlaine!!! She's so good you should defiitely check her out.
  • Have a bath or a shower (usually the latter)
  • Occasionally do a facemask

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and are having a fabuous easter!
Siana xxx

Siana Goodwin

Siana Goodwin

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