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Scarlett and Elora short stories


I woke up to another frosty autumn morning, clambered out of bed and left my covers in a heap then swung open my curtains and stared outside across the col-de-sac. The sun was just peeping over the tops of the cosy houses, glowing brightly on the frosty trees making them sparkle. The cars had a layer of twinkling frost covering them like a blanket and a few fallen leaves were sprinkled over the crunchy white grass.

I splashed my face with some cold water and brushed my teeth then trudged dopily back into my bedroom. It is always a struggle finding the right outfit to wear for the day but in the end I stared at myself in the mirror wearing some high waisted jeans and an oversized cream knit jumper with a long grey pendant (which dangled over where my belly button would be) and a few grey bangles. I let out a sigh. “This is as good as it’ll ever be” I moaned and tousled my boho blonde mess of hair, trying to get it to plump up like a celebrity’s perfectly styled bouffant (which obviously didn’t work) but it turned out okay anyway I guess.


I woke up to the gorgeous sunshine dazzling in my bright sapphire eyes, jumped out of bed and flung the curtains open with delight. It snowed! There was a thick throw of twinkling bright white snow over the whole village and dusty sprinkles on the trees where it trickles down. I love snow, especially as we rarely get it where I live, it is currently autumn and autumn is my favourite season ever ever ever.

Off i saché to my bathroom and do my daily routine, wash face, moisturise, clean teeth etc. I am a morning person and everyone hates me for it, I’m always so happy and cheery in the morning; singing, dancing and non-stop chatting. I skip over to my wardrobe and pick out a red tartan skater skirt, tights and a cream long sleeve top with lace on the shoulders. I drag my long, wavy, mousey brown hair to the front to frame my face (which was prettified in autumnal burgundies and nude pinks)


The two things I love doing are drawing and painting, they are my silent get away, the things that let all the stress flow away and onto the canvas through my youthful hands.It was a Saturday morning and the scene outside was truly spectacular so obviously I had to go and make the most of it, I packed my bag with all my art supplies then plopped in a bottle of sprite, a breakfast bar and a sushi platter I bought from barts and simons for lunch yesterday and never ate. I love sushi, a lot of people don’t but I’m just obsessed with it! I suppose it’s quite an acquired taste. Anyway, off I went into the woods, wearing my long raincoat and scarf. I found a nice spot, sat down and the inspiration just flowed from me like a dazzling waterfall.


It was a perfect day for the most perfect hobby, photography, why not take tiny moments of the huge beautiful place we live in? It takes me to a different place, catching a snap of the squirrel just as it is sat below the large oak tree before scurrying up for his acorns. I throw my camera around my neck and scarlett beanie on my head, I put a granola cookie and banana milkshake into my little brown satchel and off I trot, into the gorgeous frosty forest.

snap, snap. Another few to print out and plant on my messy, memory filled wall among the dazzling fairy lights and various hanging ornaments. I love my bedroom, its cosy and i’ve done a good job of making it my own personal space to chill out. The walls are a beautiful chocolate brown, some light, some dark. Some people may think i’m boring for that but it’s what makes me me, and i love it.

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